On Saturday, May 20, our club had the ever-popular V&D Rodeo Fours tournament – a full day of 4 10-end games with money prizes for winners and a blind cash draw for a lucky team that didn’t make it to the winners’ list.  We could not have wished for better weather: no rain, lots of sunshine, and not too hot for some. Congratulations winners, well done!

First Place:  Team Eric Leung, Richmond Lawn Bowling Club

Second Place:  Team Dave Baldwin, White Rock Lawn Bowling Club

Third Place: Team Heng Lee, Richmond Lawn Bowling Club

Cloverdale’s annual rodeo weekend is held each year over the May long weekend.  This year it was May 19-22.  Have you wondered why it’s called “Rodeo Fours”? . . . .There are four “Bs” in the Cloverdale rodeo events: bull, bronc, bareback, barrel.  As luck would have it, our lawn bowling sport also has the letter “B”, we just don’t have to stay upright on a bull or horse for 8 seconds.