Rodeo Fours Tournament 2018

Our Rodeo Fours Tournament, held on the May long weekend, was an outstanding success with teams coming from all over the Lower Mainland to participate.  Here are just a few of the photos taken:

Dorothy, Gerhard, Andy & Connie

Catching up with old friends

Lots of goodies to enjoy!

Linda & Pat

Getting last minute instructions

Is everyone ready to play?

Enough already, let’s play!

Teams from all over the Lower Mainland!

Cowgirls & cowboys love bowling, too!

This bowling is serious stuff!

Skips getting ready

Just about to start the day

All the provincial flags on display

Instructions to the teams (Lenard & Carolyn)

Almost time to ring the bell (Carolyn & Lenard)

Listening to the rules for the day

Fran F, Dave, Harvey, & Fran M

Sharon & Linda

Sharon, Linda & Dave

Doreen, Bob, Lenard & Carolyn

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